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Entering the Kingdom Of your Own heart


Entering the Kingdom Of your Own heart

Entering the Kingdom of your own heart ♡
It is a portal to entering your own heart, your inner world. Your truth. Something that we need right now, more than ever if you ask me...

Entering the kingdom in our own hearts is something we should always do.
Where all our answers lie, far away from all the noise around us.
Where you can hear your own voice.
I did a wonderful meditation last Friday in the Dragon collective group on Facebook with sister Saadia, also a wonderful code keeper. A lot of codes have come to us in this, I came in a intens process, which I was already in. I feel this is one of the codes I've got to make.
The code carries within it the energy of the Yeshua and Sophia, which to me stand for the feminine Christ and the masculine Christ, which may be united in us, which are stored in our DNA, in our atoms, in our complete Being, in which an imbalance has come in during the age of pisces, the matrix we lived in, from which we are allowed to step out again.
It opens you to your true balance, your essence, your being, as one whole.
The temple of Sophia and Yeshua, their union is activated in you, you just need to remember now.
The code reminds you of your royalty.
I also feel strongly the energy of the Pyramids of Giza here
As well as strong Sirius energy. I feel very strongly the whales and their vibration in this code. To create a field of complete purity and stillness, -0- point energy. It feels hypnotic.
It harmonizes and restores the connections in your DNA and chakras.
The light body is activated and your energetic bodies are lifted to higher dimensions/temple where it is blessed and cleansed.
What I also feel is the fairy energy in it. The subtle, sensitive, kingdom of the elves in your heart.
This code is linked to your crown, third eye and heart chakra. It opens and strengthens intuition, balances and activates.
The sun disks on the side polarize everything that happens in the code and is emitted and activated

Prints are available for sale anytime soon.
A4 format
Prints are going to be 22,22eu
If you allready like to order, you can always send me a message allready.

With including lightlanguage transmission audio: 33,33eu in total.

Lightlanguage activation :
Mia Kaya Nacharentè ☆

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